Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Games, Advertising & Kart Fighter 3 Hits Windows Phone.

The last week or so has been a historic one for the Advertising and Games industries. Obviously the big news is that Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 was released on Windows Phone today (yaaay!) but, interestingly, its release coincides with the massive clang of a giant penny finally dropping in the Advertising industry.

You see, until now, the advertising industry really hasn't understood games at all - let alone how it could use them effectively. The reason for this is fairly simple - Advertising people just don't really play games. It's an industry that tends to attract intelligent, ambitious, sociable and, often, beautiful people who are really far too busy with social engagements and their career to set aside hours to play the latest AAA title. Indeed, even now that the iPhone has become uniform, they don't tend to use it for play - they're far too busy keeping up with their 1000+ Facebook friends, pretending that they get value out of using Twitter and watching out "fail" videos on YouTube.

Anyway... that lack of understanding appears, at last, to be changing. Late last week IAB UK published a report on games which broke the news that a) pretty much everyone plays games and b) most players are quite happy to accept advertising in games in exchange for free content and then the Wall Street Journal waded in with its (apparently unrelated) article "Are Mobile Games The Next Great Ad Medium?".

Obviously this news wasn't much of a surprise to us and it won't be to many of you either but, it's safe to say, that it will come as a surprise to most of the advertising industry. Of particular interest to them will be the revelation that the majority of mobile gamers are in-fact female.

Anyway, how does this relate to Kart Fighter 3? Well, most obviously it's living proof of the fact that games can indeed be used as a hugely effective advertising medium. Over its lifetime it's had millions of installs and engagements which has huge advertising value. However, if that weren't enough, Kart Fighter is not just an advergame any more - it's a full-blown Free 2 Play game which is actively generating revenue for the brand...

Kempt, ahead of the curve? Undoubtedly :)

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