Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday, 19 July 2013

Okay... change of plan...

Hi There - Chris here - sorry it's been so long since we've been in touch, it's long past time for me to explain.

At the end of last year / beginning of this year things at Kempt HQ went totally mental. We had a series of technical issues - mostly relating to our switch from PC to Mac (and our existing infrastructure not playing ball), massive illness in the team - everyone was out for the count several times - and also several of our commercial projects (which pay the bills at the end of the day) massively over-ran.

Nevertheless we did plough on with Bar Fight. We tried the first prototype, but neither of us (you or us) felt it was good enough so we tried some other simple prototypes in Flash which - frankly - weren't good enough either and so we didn't release them. In hindsight though, we should have communicated what was going on to you - our clients - and for that I am extremely sorry. I can only say that - when you're under attack from all sides, you sometimes feel like you have no choice but to hunker down and try and dig your way out of the situation.

However, throughout this time we have also continued to develop the Stunt Guy universe and, it's fair to say that the plans have developed somewhat. We now have a much clearer picture of what we're creating here and where it should go next.

Now that we've finished the last of our major projects (the really big one got released today but it would be crass to promote it here) the Stunt Guy project is firmly back on the radar and (I hope you'll be pleased to know) it's going to be bigger and better than ever. The plans however are going to change a little - but I hope you'll agree that was always going to be the case right?!

Anyway - I'll be in touch shortly with more information but, in the meantime, let me confirm a few details:

1) For the time being BFL has been taken off the App store just in case anyone buys in without realising what they are getting themselves into.

2) Since it's been so long we think it's only fair to give the rest of you - our backers - a chance to decide what *you* want to happen next - this time it's not a vote - it'll be your personal choice.

3) We'll give you a series of options of what to do with your investment these are likely to include:

  • Receiving a refund for your investment + 50% interest

  • Migrating your investment into the re-vamped project.

  • Donating you investment + 100% interest to a charity of your choice.

However in addition - to say thanks for your belief in the project thus far there will be an additional gift for every backer (regardless of investment) which is likely to be a limited edition Stunt Guy comic and sought-after glow in the dark skulls tee-shirt.

So... there you go. I hope that sounds good to you? Sorry again and personally I'm really looking forward to getting back to it!


T-MaK said...

The choice of what we do with our investment will be done in the BFL apps or on your website ????

Oooooomonkey said...

Thanks for the update. I'm donated to this knowing exactly what I was getting in for and its been cool to follow the progress and feel a little involved in the process.
I'd happily leave the price I paid with you guys in the hope you come up with a game someday. You seem to have the best intentions.
Having said that I wouldn't turn down a free t shirt ;-(

Oooooomonkey said...

Oops that was ment to be ;-) not ;-(

Chris said...

Hiya sorry it's taken so long to reply, we were at Gamescom last week and I've only just found the comments system! The refunds will be done in the app - an update is going in this afternoon so hopefully it'll be next week.