Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday, 12 July 2013

Kart Fighter 3 - Coming Soon to an iPhone near you!

The time is nigh... after nearly 12 months slog the latest instalment in the Kart Fighter saga is almost with us. Last night Apple approved the submission build for Kart Fighter 3 - Unbeaten Tracks which means there's no going back now! For good or for bad (it'll be good, honest!) the epic follow-up to Kart Fighter World tour will be launching on the 18th July (Thurs Next week).

The team have worked themselves to near exhaustion on this one but, based on the reactions of the testers, it was definitely worth it. So... tune in to the app-store next week and in the meantime you can enjoy the awesome trailer!

Oh... and for those of you who don't speak Apple - it'll be on android and a bunch of different other platforms in due course.