Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday, 26 April 2013

Red Bull Games Get A New Home

We all know Red Bull as purveyors of fine energy beverages, owners of an all-conquering F1 team and sponsors of every daredevil/head-case that ever revved a motor bike or fell to Earth from space. Followers of Kempt will also know that Red Bull are hugely into games and have a pretty tasty back catalogue of their own (we've made four of 'em).

Now, with a little help from Kempt, they've brought all their titles together in the Red Bull Games portal, a home to their exclusive content and a destination for gamers across the world.

Built by Kempt (with the sterling assistance of ace freelance talent Paul Davis and Tom Gillett) the site isn't just a games list but features the kind of gamification that really works - possibly because it's on a games site.

The portal is a well-spoken global beast, localised for over 25 territories and 5 languages. It also has an idea what you want, serving platform-specific content in layouts to suit desktop PCs, mobiles and tablets.

You can check out the throughly modern Red Bull Games portal at