Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday, 17 August 2012

Video Profile: Paul Fryer!

I'm just in the process of editing our latest team profile video for the next release of Bar Fight Live. This one is of Kempt animator extraordinaire, Paul Fryer. With an official job title of "fun-gineer", he sits between the Artists and Developers and is responsible for some of the juicy parts of game development: animation, sparks, explosions, sound effects, music and of course skid marks.

This video will be walking through how Fryer crafts and hones the animations for Bar Fight Live, and also some secret recipes he uses to add extra spice to game play.

This video will be available as a piece of featured content, in the next release of the App.



John Usher said...

Nice cant wait for an update on how you guys are doing

Alaric King said...

Cool - thanks for your comment John! The latest release is due any day now!