Thursday, 16 August 2012

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bar Fight Live Vote #1: The Results Are In!

Today is the biggest day so far in the short but incredible life of Bar Fight Live.

This morning we counted your votes to determine the core direction of the game.

As a reminder, we asked you to vote on what kind of game Bar Fight should be:

  • Touch-based fighting (swipe to attack etc)

  • Turn-based strategy (choose targets, type of attack)

  • Arcade melĂ©e combat (Gauntlet-esque)

The results were as follows:

With nearly two-thirds of the vote you have told us to build a touch-based fighting game! There's certainly wisdom in this as we can be sure that Bar Fight is perfectly suited to a mobile device.

If this wasn't the way that you voted don't despair, we're still listening to you. And if you haven't voted yet pleased do! It might sound strange now that voting is closed but we still want your input - every vote, every comment, every email gets taken into account - Bar Fight is your game!