Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thursday, 23 February 2012

We Want You... maybe...

Great news! Kempt are hiring, check out the ad below:

Role: Digital Producer
Location: Canterbury
Salary: Dependent on Experience

Do you work in advertising/digital? Do you thrive under pressure, have a passion for producing highly creative work and yearn for projects where you can inject a bit of fun? Well you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Who the hell are Kempt?
Kempt are an award winning producer of games for brands. We’re one of the top companies in our sector. We work for some of the coolest clients imaginable and are at the bleeding edge of the advertising and games industry. Think Advergames, Engagement, Viral, Gamification, Social Games, Mobile Games & Apps… we’re like a cheat-sheet for Buzzword Bingo! Anyway… we’re looking for a Digital Producer to join our rapidly expanding team, I wonder if that could be you?

What you need to be to apply:
You need to be an ambitious, creative, efficient, brave, wise and responsible problem-solver if you want to join our team. You need to be ready to take on a challenge and manage large projects through the studio with the support of our tightly knit and highly talented team.

More specifically, we need you to have:
• Proven production and project management experience
• Demonstrable understanding of relevant technologies
• At least 2 years relevant industry experience
• The ability to take ownership/responsibility and ensure successful delivery of projects on time and on budget
• A good eye for design and a passion for getting the details right
• An enormous sense of fun*

Got all that? Well then apply now at:

*Not like when people say “good sense of humour required” because the boss is such an insufferable toss-pot – in this case it’s important for the work, not your sanity.

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