Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

World’s Biggest Seeding Database Goes Public

Kempt reveal (some) secrets of their success

In a stunning gesture of largesse, Kempt are opening up their Games Sites Database to all, offering anyone in the business of  promoting Flash content a level of insight unheard of this side of a hefty comScore subscription. This list features almost every site generating significant Flash games traffic and has been regularly revised, edited & updated over many years.
So why are Kempt revealing these trade secrets? MD and owner Chris Kempt puts across the thinking behind the move:

“Clearly this information will be of enormous value to both new and established Flash games producers & promoters, however, we think the key benefit will be to the industry as a whole. Previously - and understandably - such databases have been jealously guarded, confidential business assets. The unfortunate by-product of this has been a perception that the industry is impenetrable and arcane.”

With a masterful use of spin Chris concludes,

"With this move we can finally all be totally transparent and focus on what REALLY makes a successful campaign - quality content.”

So what is the Games Sites Database?
The core database consists of listings for hundreds of games sites and portals; site-specific detail is supplied by MemeCounter’s powerful analytics as well as aggregated demographic data and anecdotal information from other games promoters or the sites themselves. The database therefore provides an invaluable tool for those who want to promote their content to the hundreds of Flash games portals that make up the browser games ecosystem.

Key features of the Games Sites Database:
  • Search by country or select target territories most relevant to you
  • Set which demographic you want to target from gender and age options
  • Browse results ordered by traffic volume
  • Drill down for more detail on each site
For more information on the Flash games ecosystem we recommend reading Chris Kempt’s theory piece from Contagious Magazine, the Games Sites Database can be accessed on MemeCounter.com
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