Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday, 16 September 2011

Massive Update for NinjaTrials - and a Clever Twist

Earlier this year we launched our debut iOS game, NinjaTrials, a platform puzzler like nothing else on the App Store. It was well received, even featuring in Apple’s Hot New Games section, and the consensus from the public was “brilliant, but give us more”.

We listened, of course, and are very happy to say that a major new update has hit the App Store featuring refined controls, more levels, and some fiendish new characters and obstacles. Take a look at the trailer to see just what craziness lies in store for our apprentice ninja:

The Twist
These new additions will hopefully confirm what a joyous game NinjaTrials is, an ethos that extends to the unique payment model. The game is now free, meaning you can play the whole game without spending a bean but after four levels something happens - something fundamental, surprising and rather magical. A small in-app purchase restores order to the game but for now we’re going to tease you as to what this is - why not try it yourself?
Get NinjaTrials for free: