Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Kempt Enter Kart Fight!

By now you’ve hopefully seen our recent game “Kart Fighter” for Red Bull (if not, grab it from the App Store or play at now!). What you might not realise is that the game is only one part of a much bigger campaign which centres on the Kart Fight championship - currently being run at Kart centres around the UK. Today I took a team of five drivers to the Teamsport track in North London to chance our arm as it were.

The Teamsport staff were amazing throughout our visit, however they were slightly surprised when we informed them that we wanted to enter the competition since we’d have to do pretty well to beat the qualifying time of 26.5 seconds and none of us had ever been there before. It was with a little trepidation therefore that we made our way out onto the track for our first session.

15 minutes/30-ish laps of good (and largely clean) racing later we came in to inspect our performance. Staggeringly, every one of us had beaten the qualifying time by a pretty decent margin. It was with much gusto therefore that we went out for our second, third and fourth sessions! Session by session our lap times were improved, by the end of it even our slowest entrant (me) was a whole second faster than the target time (no mean feat with my weight on board!), three of us managed to get under 24.5 and our fastest time overall was 24.28, set by the amazing Mr Fryer.

So… unless there are some staggeringly good drives over the weekend it looks rather like some/all of us will be in the semi-finals and with a little luck one or more of us will be competing at the Kart Fight final in September! You can grab tickets by playing the game, hope to see you there!

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