Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday, 18 June 2010

Uphill Vegas: letting our hair down with Elvis

When building an advergame a lot of our energy goes into the strategy - how do we appeal to the right audience, is there a concept that feels consistent with the message and so on. It can be a complex task and so once in a while it's great to have the opportunity to let our hair down and just make a fun game for the sake of it.

A perfect example was when Spil Games - the giant casual gaming portal - asked us to build a driving game where the only criteria was feel-good fun for millions of users. The result of this is our latest release, Uphill Vegas. If I tell you that it stars an Elvis impersonator driving a pink Cadillac whilst strumming the guitar and pulling shapes then you're going to want to play it, right?

Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday, 11 June 2010

Huzzar for the Bank of England!

Let's hear three cheers for the Bank of England, hip hip... no? Well okay, I guess in these uncertain times it might seem a little strange to be celebrating such an institution but for the time being I'd like you to set aside your concerns over your mortgage, pension fund and the like and have a quick look at something that the BoE have put together to help explain inflation: "The Monetary Policy Balloon".

I love this... I mean I REALLY love it... I want to have it's babies. This is a fantastic example of how you can communicate quite complex information simply and effectively through play. Okay so it's probably aimed at a slightly younger audience than me and it does suffer in places from being a little pedestrian but personally I don't think it takes a lot of imagination to see how this could be developed into something really informative and effective for all ages.
Anyway, these are relatively minor quibbles... I think that, given who they are and how well this works, the good old BoE deserve real praise. I only hope that next time they want to do something like this they give us a call so we can make it even more brilliant!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday, 4 June 2010

Kempt Update - Summer 2010

It's been a very busy start to the year at Kempt so we thought it was time to put together a short update on some of the things that have happening at the Kempt cave: our work, acclaim, news, press, what's coming up and most importantly Martyn's red hot World Cup tip.

Summer of Soccer: In keeping with the growing football fever, the Pepsi Football Hero global activation was launched on
Microsoft featuring 5 brand new Kempt games, currently garnering average dwell times of over 10 minutes each. Check them out on the MSN Football Hero site, on Instant Messenger or the viral versions which are pretty much everywhere online!

Sony Music asked us to help launch the Daisy Dares You single, Number One Enemy – here is the viral game on our portal TinyMania.

Wot No Advertising? Lately we've been lucky enough to be working with Viacom on their Neopets and PetPet park sites. Our latest release is a really cute trading card game. There are 4 others recently launched by us dotted around the sites but for those of you that are too busy to hunt them out you can check out video footage of Potion Panic and the trailer for CardCasters on Metacafe.

And that’s not all! there are also recent activations for other Sony Music artists, a brilliant football/arkanoid mash-up and a wicked urban ‘platformer’ for the Southbank Centre - all to be seen in the portfolio on our site. Plus we’ve picked up some excellent new clients, we can't say who yet but for the time being let's just say we're moving into the movie and retail sectors - All will be revealed shortly!

Awards Recognition We were pleased to be finalists in 2 Revolution Awards categories. Considering the relatively small size of the Freeway Fallguy (Sony Music) execution compared to the competition (Disney, the Sun, AKQA etc) this was a real result. This viral game delivered massive audiences, incredible ROI, 75% of all video views and unprecedented UGC. Impressed? You should be! Check out the case study to find out how we did it.

Press: There have been a number of comments and articles in press like NMA and Contagious of late. This larger article we wrote in Contagious came out a little while ago, but then so did our last newsletter. This article in Cream explains more about the Microsoft Pepsi Football Hero campaign.

MemeCounter: Our tracking tool MemeCounter passed a huge milestone recently, having counted over 2 billion visits since its launch a couple of years ago, and remains very much an industry standard in viral game tracking.

Chris made the final 3 in the British Council’s UK Young Interactive Entrepreneur program – no mean feat...given his age!

The Kempt team has grown – we have a new ueber-brainy developer, a new artist (that’s put the crayons bill up again) and an ex-Microsoft Commercial Director. Check us all out on the header above.

Coming Soon: Apart from some imminent and exciting new campaign launches, Martyn will be speaking at the C21 produced “Propaganda Factory” event in early July – the event title is Building Entertainment Brands in the Digital Age and this is exactly what we’ll be offering our fairly unique perspective on. More info on the event at the organiser’s site.

Anonymous Personal News
One of us got married, one of us fell over in stinking mud in front of everyone else, one of us got a music publishing deal, one of us published some comics, some of us went to LA, one of us went to Alton Towers and sat in the bar the WHOLE TIME, and one of us bottled all the worst rides and we all went to a slightly weird nuclear bunker!!

And Finally... Martyn's World Cup Tip "Currently at 150/1 it’s got to be Nigeria. Because that’s who I have in the office sweepstake!" So there you go.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Kempt Grand Prix for Clients, Press & Allies

The inaugural Kempt Grand Prix was such a tire-squealing success that it has become an ongoing series with more events scheduled for this summer. We're offering you the chance to be our guest on a car-focused day of high-speed fun, relaxed networking and the added spice of a little competition.

The spacious North Weald Airfield is the location for our all-day event. You can either use one of the supplied cars (such as a Lotus Elise) or bring your own. It's a perfect place to test the limits of your skill - as the track is laid out on an airfield there's nothing to hit but plastic cones!
With assistance from three experienced instructors, you'll begin the day learning from the pro's as you get to grips with the two circuits set up especially for the event. Once you've honed your driving style you'll then take part in the grand finale, the Fastest Lap Challenge.

There are three criteria for selection:
  1. We like you.
  2. You are going to spend money with us.
  3. You already spend money with us.
If you tick all three boxes, we'll even make sure the brakes work and buy you a sandwich! So pass us your details and we'll get back to you very soon.

Further Information
The event is run by ex-Benetton F1 pilot Andy Walsh and the rest of the driving gurus at Car Limits. These chaps are experts in their (air)field and have improved drivers of all skill levels, including BBC F1 anchor Jake Humphries.

Where is it?
The North Weald Airfield is conveniently located just off the M11. There is no post code for the venue but directions are very simple if you are coming from the M11 - come off at Junction 7 and then follow the signs for North Weald Airfield.

View The Kempt GP in a larger map

Not Coming by car?
The nearest train station is Harlow Town just 30 mins from London Liverpool Street. The Nearest tube station is Epping on the end of the Central line. Both stations are 15-20 min drive from the airfield, if you're on the attendee list and intend to come by one or other please do let us know and we'll try to arrange for someone to pick you up or put you in a cab.

The Cars
If your wheels are just that little bit flash then we'd actively encourage you to bring them along. Several of us will so you'll be in good company and North Weald is the perfect place to explore the limits of the car safely and responsibly.

If you're not bringing your own car (or even if you do and fancy a bit of variation) then you'll get to zoom around the course in a Lotus Elise (just about the best damn car to fling round a track) or a slightly more forgiving Porsche Boxster.

The Prize

Setting the fastest time in the end-of-day shoot-out will gain the winner a Magnum of champagne. It's your choice whether you use it to soak your fellow competitors or take it home for a champion's celebration.
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