Monday, 12 April 2010

Monday, 12 April 2010

Adobe CS5 - Wot no Web Standard???

Well, after much anticipation and speculation Adobe have finally announced that... CS5 isn't quite ready yet.

In a fairly anti-climactic launch the company that currently has custody of our beloved flash announced that it'd be about another month before us mere mortals could get our hands on the new software.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the launch is the somewhat inexplicable disappearance of the Web Standard bundle, the only reference to which that I've found being in a short review on that stated "Following customer feedback, Web Standard has been dropped."

It's hard to imagine what that feedback was... "Dear Adobe, even though we're going through the worst recession in living memory we've still got way too much cash. Please could you help us out by discontinuing the cheapest of your suites? It's just not expensive enough."

So... sell your kidneys now, CS5 is just round the corner.