Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday, 25 September 2009

Wow, what a week.

Well it's Friday... and what a couple of weeks it's been.

Working in reverse order, yesterday was the BIMA awards judging day which was held at the offices of our good friends at Ruby/The Red Brick Road in Beak St. Massive thanks to Paul Hammersley and his team who made us very welcome indeed. You can read my full judging day write-up on the BIMA blog.

On Wednesday afternoon I presented my Viral/Advergame theory session to the punters at Ad:Tech which went down really well, having done the presentation a couple of times now I'm really settling into it and know most of the figures by heart so I can concentrate on making an idiot of myself with some appalling jokes!

On Wednesday morning I found out that I've got through to the second round of judging for the British Council's Young Interactive Entrepreneur award, I've got a formal interview on Tuesday, wish me luck! If you're interested there's more information on the Creative Economy site

Business has been good too, we've won a slew of amazing projects over the last couple of weeks and i can't wait to announce them, it's going to be some of our best ever work I'm sure.

Finally early last week we had a massive article published in Contagious thanks to Paul and his team. You can find a copy of the article entitled: Advergames - Natural Selection in the Online Ecosystem here, but I would of course instead suggest that you subscribe to the magazine which is a thing of beauty indeed.

Well, that brings me more or less up to date, more soon i promise!